How Do You Measure Results?

  • In deciding how to measure the results our method must be understandable, consistent, objective and logical.We have come up with three different methods that seem to meet those qualities.

  • Why Do People Sell Call Options?

  • Generally we sell options for people to squeeze more cash out of their investments and protect themselves from some of the loss should the investments go down in value. In this world more and more people are concerned about their retirement and the risks they are taking, for those reasons a covered options writing process may be a good thing.

  • How do you sell options? What can I do with the money?

  • The options markets are huge and any broker-dealer has access to them. To sell an option you simply tell your broker to do so or go online and do it yourself. The contracts are all standardized so you don’t have to think up the details. When you sell options you get the money from them right away, and can generally do with it whatever you wish!